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Flavour technology

As a flavour company, Flavour Products bv aims for constant improvements in our flavour technology. We do this in order to provide you as costumer the best possible flavours and fragrances. This way, you can deliver your own costumer the perfect, delicious tastes. Thanks to our company being located in Wageningen, in the Netherlands, we are able to recruit many well-educated students who are specialised in flavour technology. They constantly help us improve and keep up with the latest technologies.

Custom flavour options
Variety of meat replacements
Industrial partner

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Our flavour technology helps people choose responsible options

For the past few years, we have been focusing our flavour technology on the development of vegan flavour options and meat replacements. We do this by incorporating only natural aromas. We have delivered many pioneering innovations for sweet flavours before. However, we have now chosen to focus on the growing demand for meat replacements, thus investing in our savoury flavours. Our company gladly helps you and your costumers experience amazing flavours and fragrances in a responsible way.

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Our flavour company is specialised in creating custom flavours to suit your wishes and has decades of experience with creating flavours and fragrances. Contact us to get started on a new project. We manage all our customers and information confidentially. Contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling +31 343 460 330.