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Flavour creation based on decades of experience

Tell us what you want, and customized flavours will be created for you

Extensive knowledge of aromatic raw materials

Savoury flavour creation, including development and manufacture of process flavourings

The flavour company with endless flavours

Flavour Products is a flavour company which offers flavours for food applications, with a focus on flavoured coffee, plant based meat and butter & cream flavours. Our flavour company consists of flavour experts who are dedicated to deliver innovative flavour solutions to their customers. We as flavourists take care of delivering you the perfect bases as well as finishing touches in order to complete your products. Are you looking for vegan or vegetarian products? We are one of the few flavour houses with a specialisation in these products.

Flavour creation

  • Sweet & savoury
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Industrial Partner

Our flavour company is based in Food Valley

Our flavour company builds on decades of experience in the creation, manufacturing and application of flavours. You can find us in Wageningen, city of life sciences in the Dutch Food Valley.

The innovations of our flavour company

Our flavour company is one of the few flavour companies with a focus on vegan and vegetarian products. We as flavourists have developed various flavours for our customers. By doing this, you can truly enjoy our vegan flavour options without having to worry about the ingredients. We are not just flavourists, we also have high regards for the environment as well. Our flavour company is able to make any custom flavour for the B2B market.

Contact us and discover a whole new world of flavour houses

We are one of the few flavour houses with not only extensive knowledge of sweet products, but of savoury products as well. We would like to help your business out with the best flavours and fragrances in order to make your products perfect. Contact us today and we can start confidentially discussing the best flavour for you.