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Savoury flavours

Flavour Products bv offers various savoury flavours to the B2B market, with a focus on plant-based meat, vegetarian and vegan meat replacers. We have decades of experience with creating powerful and unique flavours and aromas. You can find different product categories on our site, ranging from fried spices to processed meat. Are you looking for something specific? Aside of our range of standard products, we also offer the option of creating custom flavours for your company.


Our savoury flavours are all based on natural aromas

We understand that you only wish for the best quality products for your costumers, which is why we exclusively use natural aromas in our products and savoury flavours. As flavour manufacturer, we offer various savoury products. We are specialised in fried spices, processed meat, and are currently focusing on vegetarian and vegan products. You can find various vegetarian options at our company, which possess a true meaty character that makes them at least just as good as our processed meat products.

Fried spices

Processed meat

Contact us and get started on the creation of mouth-watering flavours

Discover our mouth-watering savoury flavours and share them with your costumers. Our flavour company is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Contact us to start a collaboration, that will take your products to an even higher level. Send us an e-mail via or call us: +31 343 460 330. We look forward to getting our new project started.