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Meat flavours

Complete processed meat with savoury flavours

Happy consumers are consumers that appreciate the aroma of processed meat products. The application of special savoury flavours provides or intensifies the odour and taste of food. For example: improving the meaty character; adding a grill note, or a bacon note; enhancing the overall aroma of cooked sausages; improving the salami character; adding a fatty note to low fat products. There are many possibilities.

We help you improve your meat products with our various flavours

Our flavour company helps other businesses achieve the perfect character to their meat products. We achieve this by only using natural aromas so your customers can enjoy your products worry-free. You can order a broad range of meat flavours through us:

All of these will help you achieve the perfect taste, smell, and texture in your processed meat products.

Contact us and start discussing your personal wishes

Contact us today and discuss your specific requirements with us. We will gladly help you pick the perfect product for your food and beverages. Contact us by filling out our contact form, send us an e-mail or simply reach us through our phone number: +31 343 460 330. Flavour Products bv is based in ‘Food Valley’ Wageningen, in the Netherlands.