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Beef flavours

Flavour Products bv offers fellow companies the best beef flavours to complement their processed meat products. We also offer various vegetarian and vegan options that taste just  as original beef. Our innovative flavour solutions make sure your products can truly shine. We are based in Wageningen, close to Arnhem. This city is the home to thousands of students in life sciences. We are proud to have employed some of these innovative students at our company.

Custom flavour options
Variety of meat replacements
Industrial partner

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Improve your beef products with our various flavours

Our beef flavours improve the various aspects of your meat. It is possible to improve the meaty character, the overall aroma, and we can add a fatty note to low fat products. As flavour manufacturer, we are able to add anything according to your wishes. Alongside a broad range of savoury flavours, we offer diverse types of meat flavours. Take, for example, our chicken flavours which help you add the right nuances to your product. Adding to this, you can find many vegetarian flavour options that are just as beef-like as the real thing.

Get started with enhancing your beef products

Complete your beef products with the wide array of flavours from our flavour company. We would like to invite you to contact us and tell us about your specific requirements. Give us a call via +31 343 460 330 or send an e-mail to You can also fill out our contact form to tell us more about your wishes. We look forward to hearing from you.