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vegan meat taste

Experience how rich vegan meat can taste with plant bases from Flavour Products bv. We supply the best plant bases with meat flavour and expand the market of vegan flavour options. We strive towards providing every consumer with responsible and healthy vegan flavour options. Our vegan flavour options are not only exclusively based on natural aromas and non-animal ingredients, but simply taste incredible as well. Let your own customers experience these rich tastes and order the best flavours and fragrances directly from us.

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Our range of vegan meat products which taste just like meat

All of our plant bases with meat flavour have an amazing, true meaty character. Our innovate team strives towards perfection and is constantly renewing their formulas for our vegan flavour options. Adding to this, our flavour company builds on decades of experience in the creation, manufacturing, and application of flavours. This flavour technology has led to the creation of plant bases with a real meat flavour. To achieve this this flavour, it is important to give your meat substitutes an excellent meaty flavour profile without vegan options. Out flavours with natural aromas add exceptional juiciness and fattiness which contributes to the perfect texture.

The growing demand for meat replacements

Our plant bases with meat flavour all have tasteful aromas which are further developed during food preparation and panfrying. This way, vegan meat can get a real beef flavour taste, for example. Our meat replacements and savoury flavours are therefore a fantastic way to convince flexitarians to eat more sustainable more often. Moreover, the consumption of plant bases with meat flavour keeps showing a rapid growth each year and is therefore a very worthwhile investment for you company.

Contact us for the perfect product for you

Flavour Products bv is based in Wageningen, in the Netherlands and is situated along the Rhine river. We do not only deliver you vegan flavour products from our standard range but are also able to develop the perfect flavour of fragrance for your company. Contact us and discuss how we can meet your specific needs by sending an e-mail to or give us a call via +31 343 460 330. We will gladly advice you about the best product for your requirements.