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Chicken flavours

Flavour Products bv offers the best chicken flavours to the B2B market. We help your chicken products reach the perfect flavour by improving the texture, taste, and smell. All of this is happening in agreeance with your specific requirements. Aside of fragrances for processed chicken meat, we also supply various vegetarian and vegan flavour options. These contribute to a meat replacement product which tastes just as good as the original chicken.

Custom flavour options
Variety of meat replacements
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Natural aromas

Our chicken flavours improve any processed meat product

Our flavour company is specialised in a range of different flavour products. In our collection of savoury flavours, you can find many different flavours and fragrances which complement your chicken products. All of our flavours are based on natural aromas. Alongside our processed meats products, we offer vegan flavour products as well. These make your product taste just like real chicken by improving the texture and recreating a true meaty character. Our flavour technology is constantly innovating and improving the quality of our meat replacements.

Contact us and help us design your very own custom flavour

We develop custom flavours for businesses who have specific requirements towards their chicken products. Contact us to get started on the perfect collaboration for you. Send us an e-mail via or call us at +31 343 460 330. We are based in Wageningen, in the Netherlands.