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True meaty character with our flavours

We understand that it is important to maintain a true meaty character for your range of vegan and vegetarian products. That is why we have been specializing in developing the best meat replacements and vegan flavour options. Thanks to our flavours, your products get an improof meaty character which allows your customers to enjoy your food in a responsible and healthy way.

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The true meaty character of our vegetarian and vegan flavour options

Flavour Products bv offers companies a wide range of different vegetarian flavour options which help your products maintain a true meaty character. Alongside our range of vegetarian products, we offer vegan flavour options as well. These do not contain any animal products but still manage to maintain an improof meaty character. All of our products are based on natural aromas. Convince the flexitarian with the true meaty character of your replacements by using our various products. With these, you can improve the texture, taste, and aroma of your meat replacements.

Our meat replacement products will convince any flexitarian

People often claim that meat replacements miss the true meaty character of texture. We supply you the perfect products that give your meat substitutes juiciness and fattiness which amount to an improof meaty character. All of this adds to a mouth-watering experience for your customer. We recommend you to also take a look at our fellow savoury flavours. Our fried spices can give a kick to any meat replacement, convincing the flexitarian of the rich world of tastes and the improof meaty character of meat replacements.

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Our flavour company will gladly assist you in your search for the perfect meat replacements with an improof meaty character. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and plan for your business. Send an e-mail to or give us a call: +31 343 460 330. We are based in Wageningen ‘Food Valley,’ in the Netherlands.